SPCC Win Championship


Ankit's heroics land championship title to SPCC

Smart stats

  • Ankit 29* 2 wkts -- Man of semis/finals/bowler of tournament Karthick - 5wkts in final ; 4 wkts in semi final..

Wassup Champions! Every Batman needs a Robin to win, although it is the Batman who gets limelight, the Robin still deserves the credits. If Ankit has been the Batman, Kathick has been the Robin! Err…… We like watching Bollywood, and we love having double roles….. Let us say our Batman had a double role….. Ankit and Karthick! It was a chilly morning, the Lakhany ground was fully covered with dew. Rupesh won the toss for SPCC and decided we will chase. That tells you the confidence he has in his team. Ankit started out with a peach of an over, squaring up openers at will with his out swingers, but the dew had the effect on the ball soon. The swing went away in the third over itself and CLCC started looking confident. Ankit and Mohan were taken for a few runs, a partnership started building and the Lions in the dugout started getting noisy. Rupesh then took the onus on him and come in place of Ankit and struck! Got the first wicket, and SPCC started to roll. Mohan on the other hand produce two extremely disciplined overs not giving away anything to the batsmen. Rupesh was also tight and the two tied the batsman. Then came Karthick, who was spinning past the outside edge of already set batters. He got the captain with a Warne’esque of a delivery. Drifting in, pitching on leg and middle, and clipping the top of off. Harsha came from the other end and was unlucky in this first over with the batsmen finding boundaries, but the second over onwards Harsha started to put the ever so familiar Chokehold on the batsmen. CLCC found it tough to score against Harsha and Karthick. But the Lions took their time and by sensible cricket got their eye in, and then started scoring again. Sunil and Rupesh tried tying them down again but now the Lions were finding a regular boundary here and there. Ankit came back into the attack and removed the dangerous looking Abhi, Rohan taking a skier under pressure. Karthick finished with a Five-for and CLCC finished at 187. Needing 188 to win, Southpark was in its stride quickly, Vihang and Sunil got going quick and started finding boundaries. The bowling though was good but a couple drop catches did not help Lions cause. Vihang was the first to go after a brief cameo. Rupesh went in next and was looking really good and busy until the two batters collided and Rupesh was found short of his crease because he lost his bat in the collision. Shirshant went in next and looked scratchy; trying to swing at a few but was caught brilliantly by the ‘Batra’. Sunil in the meantime scored at a good pace but was out in trying to force some quick runs. Partnerships were what was needed, and that is what SPCC could not put together. Karthick and Mayank then took the scoring up and were looking very comfortable. Both hit a few crisp shots but Karthick was the next one out. In the meantime, Ankit and Harsha are having a talk in the dugout… Ankit – “Harsha bhai… lagta hai aaj kuch karna padega hum ko….”. Mayank and Rohan out in the middle… both looking good and the scoring rate is at around 7 runs an over. Mayank smokes a six over midwicket… Rohan cracks a boundary next over but Mayank gets out trying to hit another one. Rohan kept picking the gaps, Ankit is running hard converting ones into twos, Rohan gets a life when the stumping chance is missed. But in trying to score fast, Rohan misses a ball that kept low and gets LBW. Harsha gets in and Ankit and Harsha are stitching together a partnership. Getting busy… taking a lot of twos… making the fielders misfield… stealing a one here… converting a two there. 15 odd needed of the last two overs, the bowler bowls a great over to bring CLCC back Harsha and Ankit start the final over with 11 to get against CLCC captain Ankit.4 off first 4 balls with harsha back to pavilion and mohan at non-strikers end makes it 7 needed of last 2 balls with Ankit on strike. The chips are down… the dugout is waiting for the some magic…. And Vishnu calls it on Whattsapp “That six over mid-wicket is waiting”…. Lo and behold… Ankit cracks it to the midwicket boundary, just shy of the boundary and get a four. Three of the last ball…. THE MAN on strike…. Good length outside off… slashes it hard…. Over the point fielder… the batsmen are running for their life.. the fielder is chasing after the ball the batsmen pick up and dash for the third as the fielder picks up the ball….. and FUMBLES…. Cannot remember what happened in the next 15-20 seconds…. Mad scenes…. Hugs all round! SPCC is the champion. The first team to win the CCL trophy twice! Pavan bhai in all excitement starts hugging players, not realizing it is CLCC players he is trying to celebrate….. alright that last part was not true… It was me who did that ;). What a game guys…. Would like to add my philosophy here…. This is what I have in the about me section on my facebook page… I dedicate this to everyone of you “A team with single-minded determination to win - to win within the laws but, if necessary, to the last limit within them. To everyone else the word winning means victory, to us it is the satisfaction about an effort. It means either we will win, or will not let my opponent win the satisfaction. It means we will never lose. Never, until we are done, until we have won.” Job well done guys! We won this one!

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