Another tough lost for SPCC and exit from CCL Div1 2014 tournament


SPCC batmen should play with courage and this could be easy win for them


Smart stats

  • Vihang - 39, Neeraj - 35 &
  • Subasish - 2 wickets.

Semifinal Div1: SPCC vs CTCC, 27th Sept 2014 @ Kilborne Park. It was a great day to play cricket, it was neither cold nor hot weather, so perfect for cricket, however there was little wet out there on grass all over the ground. Because of wet ground condition, even though SPCC captain won the toss decided to field first, and due to wet condition match start time delayed by 30 mins. CTCC was good looking team, they opened inning with full form bastman Maitrik Shah and Ashok Singh. There was a plan where from one end Ashok will try to hit boundaries and Maitrik will keep his end very much defensive. Ashok played some aggresive shots included 1 six, but soon Ankit gave break through after Harsha took good catch of Ashok over mid off area. Sai joined Maitrik in the middle and he also played defensive but 2 sixes shots by him put little pressure on SPCC. Soon Pavan bowled Sai and got his crucial wicket for SPCC. Neel came on crease to hit all arround, he hit 1 six and got bowled by Neeraj. After Neel got out, Vijay joined Maitrik in the middle, both build good partnership between both of them, where Maitrik completed his 50s, but as tough opponents SPCC, overall scores looks low. Neeraj bowled very good his 7 overs spell includes one maiden over with 1 wicket. Harsha resume his another spell but Vijay was on mood to hit all over the boundaries, he played very crucial innings on that day for CTCC. Maitrik got stumped out on another end, and after that wickets just got fall one by one, but Vijay completed his quick 50s after hitting 5 sixes. CTCC total score was 201 after compled 35 overs with loss of 7 wickets. It was not tough total to chase down at Kilborne ground, but looking at slow ground condition, it was competative score on semi final pressure day. SPCC openend their innings with Vihang and Vishnu - left and right hand combination. Vihang was looking good but Vishnu on the other end looked like in pressure. Soon in the 3rd over Sangeeth gave CTCC break though after getting Vishnu caught out in sleep by Maitrik. Rohan joined middle and as usual without taking much time he started playing very good shots. Vihang on the other end also played very nice 4s and 6s. At one time SPCC looks very competative with these two bastmen, but spinner got both of them on a quick successtion. Mayank and Rupesh joined in the middle to chase down the target, both played some defensive shots as well but Mayank wanted to complete this as soon as possible and gave catch on boundary to Srikanth soon after dropped similar fashion catch by Srikanth himself. Shirshant joined Rupesh on the crease, but Vishal from CTCC gave 2 shock after taking Rupesh and Shirshant out in same over. Now SPCC is almost lost their top order bastman and looked target to chase was tough from here. At this point SPCC was on 123 for lost of 6 wickets. Neeraj and Harsha came on middle to save match from one point looked easy win for SPCC and now for turned into crisis. Neeraj is well famous for his hitting all arround the grounds with more 6s compare to ground boundaries. He played very good aggresive shots with 4 sixes and 2 * 4s, got his 35 runs in just 16 balls but gave simple catch to Vishal in Maitrik slower ball. Now SPCC has just little chance to win but CTCC looks on top of this at same time. Ankit took more time to settle but soon lost his wicket and SPCC almost lost semis from no where. Harsha was on too much pressure, so he started playing slogs and gave his wicket to Ashok. Pavan and Subasish were on middle to just for formalities to get all out and SPCC got all out for 173 in 33.2 overs. Awesome bowling from CTCC spin bolwers and defended 200 on Kilborne park, CTCC rewarded to Final of 2014 : Div1 in CCL tournament. Man of Match - Maitrik Shah for 72 runs and 2 wickets. SPCC lost another play off in CCL!!

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