Tough lost in the end of season!!


SPCC needs to rethink on their batsmen ability


Smart stats

  • Mayank - 34, Vihang - 32, Harsha - 30 & Wickets: Harsha - 3, Rupesh - 2

CCCC vs SPCC @ MCC Highway 218 Ground It was overcasted weather, chances of rain was high, so SPCC captain won the toss and decided to field first. Prashant and Vikas opened innings for CCCC, Vikas struggled a lot but Prashant scored descent boundaries on his leg sides. Ankit gave first breakthrough in his 3rd over where Vikas caught got by Neeraj. Gautham joined the crease and gave very good support to Prashant. Soon Prashant scored his 50 when CCCC was on 100/2. Harsha bowled again very good spell with 3 wickets in 7 overs. After loosing Prashant wickets CCCC players were just trying to hit boundaries only and they throw their wickets one after another. Jaimin played well from CCCC side. Final score for CCCC was 199 all out in 34.3 overs. SPCC openend with Vishnu and Vihang, Vihang looked good while batting, Vishnu got caught out in 3rd over by wicket keeper Karthik in Rohit over. Rohan joined Vihang and scored good boundaries but he also got caught out by Ramu in Rohit 4th over. Mayank and Vihang were playing good. Mayank scored fast runs with boundaries as usual but after very tampting bowling from Rakesh, he throw away his wicket to him and good catch by Vikas over long off boundary. Hiren came in middle and started playing very defensive, Vihang and Hiren just started roating their strikes and took single and doubles, but soon Vihang got caught out by Vikas on Prashant full toss bowl. Rupesh came in middle and played very good front foot shots for single and doubles. Hiren got caught out on point by Rohit, Rupesh also throwed away his wicket and stumed by Karthik in Rakesh, he got doubled in his over, Neeraj scored 1 six and 1 four and tampting to score more boundaries, gave his catch to Chandu on long on boundary. Harsha and Ankit were in the middle when team was on 134/7 and required 66 runs from 15 overs. Both played very well, scores only singles and double with no risk. but Chandu break their 50 runs partnership when Ankit caught out by Karthik. SPCC required only 16 runs from 24 balls at that time. Subhashis tried to save his wicket and required runs were 14 from 18 balls. Harsha took single and Subhashis played entire over to save his wicket. Now 13 required in 12 balls. Harsha scored six in 34th over and final equation was 5 runs required in 6 balls. It was heart broken shot played by Harsha over air due to top edge, he was trying to clear leg side boundary but hard luck to team and well played bastman Harsha, it was very good running catch by Gautham, SPCC lost Harsha on very first ball when 5 runs required in 6 balls, after that Pavan joined Subhashis where 5 runs required from 5, Pavan played his shot and didn't take run but from other end Subhashis reached to his end, then Pavan started running but definately it was very short and SPCC all out on 195, lost match by 4 runs. Superb batting by Harsha and Ankit in the end but it was tough luck!! This lost will be very costly for SPCC to making into top position into playoff. Thanks!!

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